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All Chevy Cruzes Recalled Due to Engine Fire Risk

All Chevy Cruzes Recalled Due to Engine Fire Risk

Risk of Engine Fire

Yikes. Every single Chevrolet Cruze made from the first production through May 31, 2012  is being recalled by General Motors Co., due to reports of engine fires and explosion risk.  Apparently, liquids are getting trapped in the engine compartment, where a fire can start and spread.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in March opened a preliminary investigation into the Cruze after there were two reports of engine fires that destroyed the vehicles.

GM is sending letters to customers to notify them of the recall and  remind them to make sure, after an oil change, that proper cleanup of excess fluids is conducted.  Inspection for the possible missing welds that causes the fluid leaks will take a minutes, says GM, and the repair will take about three hours.  Modifying the engine shield will take about 30 minutes in a Chevrolet dealership service department and will be free.

So if you have a Cruze, do not delay – take it to the Chevy dealership and have them check it out to make sure it is safe to continue driving.

Google AdWords and Net Nanny Sued by CyberSitter for Trademark Infringement

Google AdWords and Net Nanny Sued by CyberSitter for Trademark Infringement

Another Victim of Google’s AdWords

Google has been sued again for trademark infringement resulting from its AdWords program, this time by Cybersitter. Cybersitter sells software that blocks adult content on computers so they are not accessible by children.

This problem has been going on for years.  Here is what happens (and actually what seems to be partially encouraged by “SEO Maximization” companies):  predatory companies who use AdWords register not only the keywords pertinent to their business, but the trade name, mark, or brand of their competitors. When consumers do searches for one company, its competitor’s ads show up.  Continue reading

Travolta Sued Again – This Time for Libel

Travolta Sued Again   This Time for Libel

Sued Again

John Travolta and his attorney Martin Singer have been sued for libel by Robert Randolph, author of the book “You’ll Never Spa in this Town Again.” Randolph’s book was allegedly about his gay encounters with Travolta.

Randolph accuses Travolta and Singer of spreading false statements about his mental health to discredit the book. Apparently, Singer, on behalf of Travolta, had written a letter to a gossip blog about the book, presumably to prevent the blog from publishing content about it. Randolph accuses the letter of being libelous.

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Kevin Costner Sued by Neighbor Over Too-Tall Hedges

Kevin Costner Sued by Neighbor Over Too Tall Hedges

Costner Sued for Not Trimming his Bushes

With the lawsuit against Steven Baldwin freshly decided in his favor, Kevin Costner is embroiled again in another legal battle: this time, with his neighbor.

Costner’s Carpinteria, California neighbor Rick Grimm, an investment banker, has filed a lawsuit over the trees and shrubs planted by Costner to protect his privacy, which now block Grimm’s ocean view. Apparently, covenants on the properties established in 1957 prevent hedges from being grown over six (6) feet. 

The neighbor is seeking $150,000 damages for loss of enjoyment and $500,000 for damages to his property value if the trees are not removed.   Grimm also wants an order compelling Costner to chop down the trees.

 If Costner did violate the convenants restricting use of the land, then it will be very difficult for him to win this lawsuit.  Generally, it is hard to challenge covenants and succeed, because they are usually established by the devleopers of their property long before warring neighbors take title and ownership to their houses. 


Kettle Brand Potato Chips Recalled Due to Metal Fragments in Chips

Kettle Brand Potato Chips Recalled Due to Metal Fragments in Chips

Kettle Brand Chips May Contain Metal Fragments

Caution when snacking! Those delicious thick-cut Kettle Brand Potato Chips are being recalled because a certain set of them apparently contains metal fragments.

Only the New York Cheddar flavor is affected, in two sizes. Details below.

Kettle Brand Potato Chips, New York Cheddar (5 oz)
UPC Code: 084114-009944
Best Before dates: 1Nov12 and 15Nov12

Kettle Brand Potato Chips, New York Cheddar (1.5 oz)
UPC Code: 084114-112712
Best Before date: 15Nov12


$600 Bowflex Dumbbell Weights Recalled Due to Injury Hazard

$600 Bowflex Dumbbell Weights Recalled Due to Injury Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of about 17,000 Bowflex® SelectTech® 1090 Dumbbells because of an injury hazard. Apparently, the weight selector dial is defective, and can cause the weight plates to fall if the dumbells are lifted from their cradle.  There have been at least 16 reports of the failure of the weight selector dial, and three injuries to the user’s foot or leg.

The Bowflex Dumbbells were available at and other online retailers from May 2011 through August 2011 for about $600.

And yes, they were made in China.

If you have been injured by a defective product, click here for a confidential assessment of your case by an attorney.


120+ Ron Paul Delegates Sue GOP to Avoid Forced-Vote for Romney

120+ Ron Paul Delegates Sue GOP to Avoid Forced Vote for Romney

Ron Paul Delegates Sue GOP

120+ delegates to the Republican National Convention have sued the GOP alleging they are being forced into voting for Mitt Romney. They are asking that the Court unbind them from voting for Ron Paul, even though Paul has already ended his campaign .  The lawsuit was brought in California.

The lawsuit essentially alleges that the GOP has engaged in racketeering to push Romney as the top candidate, and violated the Rules of the Republican Party.  They accuse the GOP of violence, intimidation, and ballot stuffing to secure Romney as the GOP challenger to President Barack Obama.

Although the lawsuit will probably not conclude by the time the GOP National Convention takes place in August, the allegations should be investigated more carefully.



New Recall of Infant Formula from China Due to Mercury Poisoning

New Recall of Infant Formula from China Due to Mercury Poisoning

2012 Recall for China-Produced Infant Formula

Another day, another toxic product manufactured by China.

China’s biggest milk producer Yili Industrial Group has recalled its baby formula due to high levels of mercury.   According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, high levels of mercury can cause poisoning and damage the brain and kidneys.

This is the second major contamination affecting China-produced infant formula, the worst of which happened in 2008 when melamine-laced formula sickened nearly 300,000 infants and killed 6.

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No Justice for Guatemalans Force-Injected with STDs by US “Researchers” Conducting Experiments in the 1940s

No Justice for Guatemalans Force Injected with STDs by US Researchers Conducting Experiments in the 1940s

No justice for Guatemalans

This story is just sad. A federal court judge has dismissed the lawsuit brought against U.S. officials by Guatemalans who had been subject to experiments by U.S. researchers in the 1940s by being deliberately injected with STDs without their knowledge or consent. The researchers had purportedly been studying the effects of penicillin, and were testing the drug’s effect on sexually-transmitted diseases by using Guatemalan natives as human guinea pigs.

Although the judge commented that the study was “deeply troubling,” the dismissal was based on federal law that prohibits claims to be brought against U.S. officials for injuries that took place in a foreign country.  The judge granted the U.S. government’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, ending the suit.

Apparently, last year, Gautemalan officials identified almost 2,100 natives that were the subject of experiments, being infected with syphlis, gonorrhea, or chancroid.   The research was hidden for decades until a Wellesley College medical historian uncovered the records in 2009.

Do as I say, not as I do, America.

David Cassidy Lawsuit Against Sony Over Partridge Family Royalties Still Brewing

David Cassidy Lawsuit Against Sony Over Partridge Family Royalties Still Brewing

What a difference the mulllet makes.

David Cassidy’s lawsuit against Sony over royalties from the Partridge Family shows no signs of slowing down. 

 Right now, Sony & Cassidy are arguing about whether the case should be tried to a jury, or decided by an arbitrator.

The biggest drawback to arbitration is that an arbitrator, who is not  a  judge, has total control in deciding the outcome of the cases.  Unlike a court or jury trial, arbitrations cannot be appealed.  Further, in arbitrations, under certain circumstances, the party who wins can ask for their attorneys’ fees — which is the opposite of the American justice system, which does not adopt the “loser pays” rule.    

Apparently, because Cassidy once signed an agreement with Sony that included an arbitration provision, Sony is asking the court to dismiss the case and compel arbitration.   Continue reading